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Wholesale Perfume Oils And Wholesale Empty Perfume Bottles

We have recently seen an upsurge in the amount of enquiries for wholesale perfume oils, so we thought that it will be appropriate to dedicate a page for any wholesale perfume oil and empty bottle enquiries.

Majority of the perfume oils we sell are sourced by ourselves from manufacturers in the EU & hence you will get a very good deal if you buy bulk designer perfume oils from us.

There is a big market for our designer perfume oils and if you have already bought our perfume oils then you know what I am referring to, the quality is second to none and so is the resemblance to the designer perfumes. The oils can be sold from the counter of a retail shop, they could compliment your website as an extra line, you could supply to marketers or you could setup a stall yourself, the possibilities are endless but you need to be ready to put in the hard work.

There are 2 ways you can buy perfume oils from us on a wholesale basis. The first being, buying the oils pre-filled in rollon bottles. The most popular size being the 3ml rollon bottle, which is a good starting point to get your feet wet and get a feel for the market. We normally wholesale the 3ml roller bottles for £1.25 each which comes with a sticker having your own details on and in a pouch, filled with the fragrance of your choice. The minimum quantity for this offer is 250 100 bottles  + £10 postage.

The second alternative would be to buy bulk perfume oils i.e. in 100ml canisters and then fill out smaller bottles as per your requirements. For this the wholesale price on the perfume oil is £xx.xx per 100ml, minimum order quantity is 10 canisters. (call for pricing). We will beat any pricing in the UK.

If you buy the canisters then you will require wholesale empty perfume bottles which we are able to supply as well as the pouches. Wholesale price on the empty perfume bottles is as follows:

  • 3ml Empty Rollon Perfume Bottle – £0.20 (960 bottles in a case)
  • 10ml Empty Rollon Perfume Bottle – £0.30 (594 per case)

Minimum order requirement on empty perfume bottles is one case. Each empty perfume bottle will come complete with a cap and roller ball.

Wholesale price on the pouch is £0.15. Minimum order quantity is 500 pouches.

If you have any further queries you may email me info[at] or call me on 07814 708035